Vimachem is a SaaS with global customers within the Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

As Uplify we have an ongoing collaboration for the company's online B2B marketing strategy. 

Among the projects we undertook was the raise of the visibility of Vimachem online, the redesign of the website as well as the creation of a new corporate identity that would respond to the audience of the brand and the requirements of the industry for the sole purpose of generating new leads.

Action steps

As a holistic marketing approach around the brand, we recommended HubSpot's platform to organize the various departments of the company. Through the platform, we conduct email campaigns to reach existing clients to update them about the latest news of Vimachem and its services as well as cold outreach for potential clients to raise awareness of the company’s existence.

We have, also, created contact forms within the website to facilitate the touchpoint with Vimachem as well as a chatbot that solves visitors' questions immediately!

With everything we mentioned above, We evaluated the buying cycle of potential clients and created a B2B marketing strategy using the tools Lusha and Jasper. Initially, the 1st to find the necessary information about the audience we wanted to reach and the 2nd to generate content and make a first contact with them. With which platform did we send the emails? Obviously with the HubSpot platform which is the company's main email marketing platform.

Regarding online advertising, we integrated Google Ads into our strategy so that Vimachem  could appear in users' searches when they look for the company’s industry.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, also, played an important role, with which we were able to find and reach new audiences to generate new qualified leads, as the primary goal is to increase sales of the company's Software as a Service (SaaS) product.



Alex Vidras

CEO of Vimachem

“Thanks to uplify's ongoing support, the company has seen an increase in B2B lead and web traffic, resulting in an improved online presence. The team flexibly and willingly fulfills tasks within the client's schedule. Overall, they're marketing experts who always know the latest trends and tools.”