Using technology & B2B Marketing tools to boost your lead generation is our favorite part at uplify! 

As an agency, we strongly believe in marketing automation and in utilizing the opportunities that technology gives us. By using it correctly, you can save time and achieve excellent results. When it comes to B2B marketing, various platforms will help grow your business and automate your day-to-day operations. Let's take a closer look at them.


uplify as a Hubspot Solution Provider can answer any question you have about the worldwide leader in inbound marketing and sales platform and help you grow because, as they say at Hubspot, "There's a better way to grow." HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that aims to create the best customer experience, from the very first stages of their discovery as the company's prospect, until their transformation into a loyal client! How is this done through just one platform? HubSpot is divided into six different sections and all of them are powered by only one platform!

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

A unique feature of the LinkedIn platform. The best social network channel for B2B marketing offers its users the possibility of a monthly subscription to better target their audience. LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to use it either individually or collectively (depending on your subscription). Its goal? Bringing you the right leads. It offers data about your most relevant prospects, which the platform recommends, and about your company itself. For us, it's worth the trial.


A dynamic platform that brings you information about your audience! The email of your potential customers, their mobile phone, and their social media profiles are some of the information that Lusha platform can provide you. In addition to the above features, the platform has two more (paid) features. The first one allows you to search for leads with more precise criteria, while the second feature will enable you to enter up to 25 contacts at a time from your Sales Navigator account in the Lusha platform so that it can find their information for you and help the algorithm to understand your audience better.
Layer 1


The top tool for SEO! One of the most challenging points for a company website is its SEO or organic searches. It is perhaps one of the most important achievements for your company website to have much organic traffic, something that needs a plan and constant engagement with it to happen. Your ally in this endeavor is Semrush. It shows you data from the competition and user searches and suggests optimizations to your website! It provides users with a free plan as well as a paid subscription.
Jasper AI

Jasper AI (previously Jarvis AI) is a copywriting tool that automatically writes content with the help of artificial intelligence! Facebook posts, YouTube descriptions, blog posts, and ads are some types of content the platform can write. You simply give the topic of each content, the style you want your content to follow, and which of the above-mentioned types it is, and magic happens! Does that seem strange to you? Same here! Until we tried it and were blown away by its results! Try it!

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